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We welcome you to the summer Bandy School at Edsbyns IF Bandy.

We offer you great opportunities to both have real fun and become a better bandy player. You do this together with some of the world´s best bandyplayer who works as leaders with us in Edsbyn´s summer bandy school.

During week 32, 4 Augusti – 9 Augusti, we arrange a summer bandy school for interested bandy youth, at a price of SEK 4 750.

The invoice will be sent out in May of 2024.

The price includes food, accommodation, training sessions (ice and physical) and other activities as well as a training shirt.

We have room for approx 140 students, we divide the students into four different training groups (age groups -08, -09, -10, -11, -12, -13 and 14). We try to get as even groups as possible both in terms of number of participants and age. Of course, we can take into account whether you want to be with someone younger or older buddy.

If you have questions, contact us at

Greetings from Edsbyns IF Bandy! 

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