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This form should only be used by people without a full Swedish social security number. If you have a full Swedish social security number click here

How it works

New member

1. Fill out the form below. You should only enter yyyy-mm-dd. NOT the 4 last letters / numbers.

2. Once we have handled your application, you will receive an e-mail from us and you can continue to step 3. (This is handled manually and can take some time)

3. Navigate to this site: Payment page

4. Press the blue button at the bottom and sign in with the e-mail you entered.

5. Fill in your email in the first step, now you receive an email with a one-time code, enter the one-time code.

6. Under "Medlemsavgift" Press "Membership fee" and pay the membership

7. Book yourself to all the activities you want to attend.

Make sure the activities you are exercising are always booked on this page. We must know what activities you are practicing. If you ever want to train in a new activity, you must book it on this page before joining the activity.

Existing member

If you have already filled out the form and payed the membership go to this page: Booking page and follow the instructions under "existing member"

Booking page

If you have any questions, please e-mail us on: or message us on facebook

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